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Legija's Rocker Dongle ODM Unlock v1.18h Cracked

Screen Short:
Image Hosted At
Supported Mdels:
Motorola W205
Motorola W208
Motorola W209
Motorola W215
Motorola W218
Motorola W156
Motorola W160
Motorola W175
Motorola W180
Motorola W230
Motorola W270
Motorola W377
Motorola C261
Motorola F3
SonyEricsson T250
SonyEricsson Z320
SonyEricsson Z250

PLEASE READ README.TXT from ZIP archive for more details and how to use !!!

Download Mirrors :
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Motorola IMEI Changer for FREE - Supports Many Models

Screen Short:
Image Hosted At

Supported Models :
C38x (R364_G),C38x (R365_G),C38x (R366_G)
C390 (R368_G)
C65x (R364_G),C65x (R365_G)
C975 (R24_U_xx_2x_xx),C975 (R245_U_xx_2x_xx),C975 (R26_U_xx_2x_xx)
C980 (R24_U_xx_2x_xx),C980 (R245_U_xx_2x_xx),C980 (R26_U_xx_2x_xx)
E1 (R373_G)
E1070 (R25221LD_U),E1070 (R252211LD_U)
E770 (R25221LD_U),E770 (R252211LD_U)
E79x (R373_G)
L2 (R3511_G),L2 (R3517_G)
L6 (R3511_G),L6 (R3517_G),L6 (R3443H1_G)
L7 (R4513_G),L7 (R44419_G),L7 (R4517_G)
U6 PEBL (R478_G)
V3 RAZR (R374_G)
V3i (R479_G),V3i (R4441D_G),V3i (R47A_G),V3i (R3443H3_G)
V3r (R4515_G),V3r (R3443U2_G)
V3x (R25221LD_U),V3x (R252211LD_U),V3x (R25227LD_U)
V18x (R364_G),V18x (R365_G)
V19x (R3511_G),V19x (R3517_G)
V22x (R364_G),V22x (R365_G)
V235 (R3512_G)
V360 (R4513_G),V360 (R44419_G),V360 (R4517_G)
V557 (R4512_G)
V975 (R24_U_xx_2x_xx),V975 (R245_U_xx_2x_xx),V975 (R26_U_xx_2x_xx)
V980 (R24_U_xx_2x_xx),V980 (R245_U_xx_2x_xx),V980 (R26_U_xx_2x_xx)
V1075 (R25221LD_U),V1075 (R252211LD_U)
V1150 (R25221LD_U),V1150 (R252211LD_U)

Download Links :
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Infinity Setup Main v2.12a - All IN ONE Setup

Infinity Setup Main v2.12a

1. AModule v1.29
2. Bird01 v1.12
3. Bird02 v1.06
4. BModule v1.30
5. Calculator v1.00
6. ChineseMiracle v2.36
7. HModule v1.12
8. KModule v1.02
9. LGA v1.28
10. LPE1 v1.20
11. MModule v2.15
12. Moto01 v1.48
13. Moto03 v1.08
14. OTE-Reader v1.00
15. Pana01 v1.42
16. Pana02 v1.15
17. Pana04 v1.07
18. Pana06 v1.05
19. PanaCleaner v1.05
20. PinFinder v1.06
21. Pinout v1.27
22. PModule v1.07
23. PModule02 v1.13
24. PNModule v1.08
25. PNModuleH v1.00
26. QCModule v1.19
27. QModule v2.21
28. RepairModule v1.12
29. Samsung01 v1.05
30. Siem02 v1.01
31. SModule v1.21
32. SPD v1.00
33. TModule v1.04
34. VkMob01 v1.23
35. VkMobile02 v1.09
36. VkMobile03 v1.00
37. VkWhat3E v1.2.5.4
38. VModule v1.31
39. Shell v1.21

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

iLiberty+ v1.3.0 for Unlock IPhone

iLiberty+ v1.3.0 Released

The first one was good, but take a look at this!
The new version of iLiberty+ v1.3.0, has been updated with to include many new features and payloads, from assorted app packs, to a brand new, built in help file. Also, v1.5 comes with a new addition to the menu bar, “Advanced,” which brings options like ‘Enter Recovery Mode,’ and ‘Enable Re-Jailbreak’ right to your fingertips

Full Feature List:
New tab setup for the new features, now it’s Main, Apps, Utilities and Device Info
Jailbreak (Installer comes by default)
Activation (Bypass iTunes)
Unlock (For use with any GSM carrier)
3.9FB unlock (To use the 3.9 Fake Blank bootloader)
Cydia Package Installer
BigBoss Recommended App Pack
Crashx Recommended App Pack
Open SSH
Relocate Fonts and Ringtones
International Support Payload for 1.1.4
Reflash EDGE/WiFi/Bluetooth
Upgrade Bootloader from 3.9FB to 4.6
Baseband Info
Custom payload option
Device Info, with status and storage info
Built-in Help files, with links to internet resources
Advanced Menu, to enter Recovery, DFU, enable Re-Jailbreak, Logs, and delete payloads

iLiberty+ v1.3.0 for Windows
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iLiberty+ v1.51 for MAC
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Download Mirrors
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

ZiPhone 3.0 Released for Unlock your Apple IPhone and IPod Touch

Image Hosted At

New Features:

- No more need of fix nvram!
- Solution for GREYED wifi!
- No need for YouTube Fixes!
- Embedded apps installer!
- Customized plugins !

Image Hosted At

ZiPhone 3.0 for Windows
Download Mirrors
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ZiPhone 3.0 for MAC
Download Mirrors
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in windows If you get error "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)". you need to install .NET Framework 2.0.

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
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